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Size Chart

Measurements are in inches and refer to body size, not garment measurements.

Size 00
Bust 32.5
Waist 25
Hip 35
Size 22
Bust 33.5
Waist 26
Hip 36
Size 44
Bust 34.5
Waist 27
Hip 37
Size 66
Bust 35.5
Waist 28
Hip 38
Size 88
Bust 36.5
Waist 29
Hip 39
Size 1010
Bust 37.5
Waist 30
Hip 40

Measurement Tips


Bring arms to your sides, place tape measure under your arms
and run it around the fullest part of the bustline.


Locate the natural crease of your waist by bending to one side. Loop the tape measure around
your natural waistline, keeping one finger between the tape and your body for an easy fit.


Place feet together, loop the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips,
approximately 7 inches below your waistline.

The rallier

Rachel Brown

Derived from the verb, “to rally,” The Ralliers  redefine the world around them by embracing their unique vision, sense of self and enduring signature style. (In short: they’re women we’d emulate, in our own way.)
Each woman has self produced the images that appear in their story.  

Describe yourself.

I’m Rachel Brown, a singer-songwriter born and raised in NYC with Ethiopian and Bermudian roots.

 How have you broken with tradition in exchange for a self-defined life?

I was fortunate to grow up with the example of my mother, who built a business in fashion from the ground up. Because of her, what I considered tradition wasn’t particularly “traditional”; pursuing a creative passion was the norm. By observing my parents, and through the lessons they directly and indirectly instilled in me, I learned how to evolve my own passion for music into a viable career.

Tell us about your uniform.   

In the summer my uniform is almost always a dress. I look forward to this season because the less things I have to coordinate (pants, shirt, layering, outerwear, etc.) while still being able to reflect my personal style the better. What we choose to wear is a form of self-expression, so when I’m wearing something that doesn’t reflect that, I feel off. A dress just simplifies the whole process. 

Tell us about your work.   

I’m a singer-songwriter and performer. I got my start during college, performing at open mics, which evolved into booking my own shows around NYC and opening for artists like John Legend and Mary J. Blige. As my career grew, so did my band. To articulate my sound, I connected with musicians whose native countries include Mali, Madagascar, Haiti and Brazil, and whose unique perspectives help bring my music to life. Pre-COVID, my work meant lots of traveling and performing for live audiences. Post-COVID, I’ve had to pivot to weekly Instagram livestreams (@rachelbrownmusic) and Zoom cameo requests. While now-banned “large gatherings” are fundamental to what I do, I have found inspiration in seeing how others are adapting and feeling more community-oriented in what can often be an isolating job. 

What are you searching for?  

The ever-elusive feeling of peace at the end of a day. The feeling that I have accomplished what needs to be done, have a plan for the rest, and can tune out and enjoy life.  

What have you learned along the way? 

Say yes to every opportunity (within reason). Of course there will be offers that come up that deserve a hard no - whether your work and talent are not being respected, or it’s just not a fit for you personally/creatively, and in those cases you’ll need to trust your gut. But don’t turn your nose at the smaller opportunities that might seem inconsequential, you never know what they can lead to. Almost every major milestone or next step in my career was the result of an opportunity I *almost* turned down.


What are you struggling with?

Staying productive with a career that is largely based on COVID-affected activities (travel, large gatherings) is a challenge. I’ve found that consistency is key, which is why I’ve committed to doing weekly Instagram Live shows. And while that is its own unique, fun thing, it can’t replace the energy of a live band and a packed room. Of course, there is plenty that can be done from home, however staying focused and inspired is a daily struggle. 

What brings you comfort?  

Finding ways to disengage from the never-ending cycle of refreshing social media feeds. Whether it’s taking the time to work on a home project I’ve been postponing or laying down with a book or podcast, it’s so peaceful to focus uninterrupted on something, away from a screen and constant distractions.

Share a good read, watch, or listen.

I don’t typically gravitate to stand-up specials, but in the week that it’s been out I’ve watched Yvonne Orji’s HBO special, "Momma, I Made It!" three times. I was only familiar with her as an actress (Molly on Insecure) and had no idea she was a comedian. Consider me converted.

Tell us about something new.

It’s been fun to watch my neighbors submit to quarantine as a long-term way of life and convert outdoor spaces that were empty into full on warm weather amenities. A quick look out the window and you’ll see kiddie pools installed in alleyways, barbecues and lounge chairs on rooftops, and murals going up on sidewalls. Even I indulged in a zero-gravity chair for my skinny terrace that, until now, has gone uninhabited.  


I love to give personalized gifts, but one that will always stand out for me is a sweater I knit for my grandmother. Living on different continents, and with a considerable language barrier, we always found ways to express our love for each other that didn’t rely on words. She was my soulmate, and the months I put into perfecting that sweater for her was my way of communicating that to her. 


Tell us about a gift you gave someone.

I love to give personalized gifts, but one that will always stand out for me is a sweater I knit for my grandmother. Living on different continents, and with a considerable language barrier, we always found ways to express our love for each other that didn’t rely on words. She was my soulmate, and the months I put into perfecting that sweater for her was my way of communicating that to her. 

Tell us about something you created.

Quarantine cooking has evolved into summertime blending, so I present my summer frosé recipe (makes 8 cocktails, scale the recipe down accordingly):

1 bottle rosé
2 cups fresh strawberries
2 cups frozen strawberries
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
8 cups ice

~1/2 cup agave (adjust according to taste)
Add to a high-speed blender and enjoy

Share a takeaway.

Take time to enjoy the moment. It’s easy to get wound up in working and planning for the next thing without taking a moment to stop and appreciate what’s happening right here and now.

Rachel is a singer-songwriter based in NYC. Learn more at and on Instagram @rachelbrownmusic

P.S.  The pieces in our stories are always authentically picked.  When purchased, we sometimes receive compensation in return.  Thank you for supporting!

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