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Size Chart

Measurements are in inches and refer to body size, not garment measurements.

Size 00
Bust 32.5
Waist 25
Hip 35
Size 22
Bust 33.5
Waist 26
Hip 36
Size 44
Bust 34.5
Waist 27
Hip 37
Size 66
Bust 35.5
Waist 28
Hip 38
Size 88
Bust 36.5
Waist 29
Hip 39
Size 1010
Bust 37.5
Waist 30
Hip 40

Measurement Tips


Bring arms to your sides, place tape measure under your arms
and run it around the fullest part of the bustline.


Locate the natural crease of your waist by bending to one side. Loop the tape measure around
your natural waistline, keeping one finger between the tape and your body for an easy fit.


Place feet together, loop the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips,
approximately 7 inches below your waistline.

The rallier

Rachel Schwartzmann

The Ralliers  is a collection of interviews with female creators we admire. We look for women who make hard choices in exchange for self-defined lives. You'll leave these stories with wisdom, comfort and beauty too.

Describe yourself.

Quiet, thoughtful, creative, and ambitious.

 How have you broken with tradition in exchange for a self-defined life?

I dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurship, and very early on in my career, I had to combat people's assumption that this decision is the official narrative of my story. But if I've learned anything in my work, there's always more to one's story. And breaking traditions inspires an opportunity to rebuild new ways of thinking about what kind of life (and narrative) we want to create for ourselves. 


breaking traditions inspires an opportunity to rebuild new ways of thinking about what kind of life (and narrative) we want to create for ourselves.   


Tell us about your uniform.   

I would say my style is both eclectic and elevated. My uniform has become more focused in the sense that I am very discerning about what I purchase. I consider sustainability, wearability, and longevity. Aesthetically it is very seasonally-driven. In the warmer months, my feminine, bohemian side shines evidenced in my many printed dresses and colorful accessories. As we head into fall (my favorite!), I shift gears to darker color palettes, uncomplicated silhouettes, and menswear-inspired staples like blazers and fedora hats. That's part of why I love Rallier so much; I think the brand strikes a balance in catering to a modern but ever-evolving design sensibility.

Tell us about your work.

I guess if I were to summarize what I do succinctly, storytelling would be the first thing that comes to mind. My company, The Style Line, was born out of a passion project in high school as a way to hone in on my lifelong dream to be a professional creative writer. It has since evolved into a boutique content company that includes its namesake website, our agency CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, and our agency's podcast, Slow Stories, which deep dives into the rising slow content movement. Through every facet of The Style Line experience, we want to tell stories with longevity — and do it all in style. As of 2019, I have also started to write again, and you can check out some of my writing projects here.

What are you searching for?  

I am so fortunate to have already found so much success and happiness in my life. Still, I think on some level, we're all collectively searching for an equal balance of personal, professional, emotional, financial, and creative fulfillment. 

What have you learned along the way? 

My work is so profoundly integral to who I am as a person, that it's taught me the importance of slowing down in all aspects of my life.

What are you struggling with?

I've been having a hard time falling asleep at night. My mind is pulled in a million different directions these days. 

What brings you comfort?  

Winding down each day with my adorable little angel bunny, Pepper.

Share a good read, watch, or listen.

Read: All of the books you can get your hands on! A few recent reads that come to mind for me include The Art of the Idea by John Hunt, Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, and Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley.  Watch: I'm late to the Succession party, but since I've started watching, I am both intrigued and terrified about how we view success in this country with each passing episode.  Listen: I'm shamelessly plugging CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL's podcast, Slow Stories. If you're a business owner or modern professional looking to slow down or be more thoughtful about how you spend your time online, you don't want to miss these conversations. 

Tell us about something new.

There are so many new things happening — stay tuned as they come to life this year!

Tell us about a gift you gave someone.

I love both giving and receiving cards or handmade gifts. For my boyfriend's 30th birthday, I surprised him after work by creating a trail of 30 post-it notes that covered our apartment. Each note included his accomplishments, what he had to look forward to in this new decade, inside jokes, etc. He was surprised, and I loved watching him react!

Tell us about something you created.

Outside of my work, I also like to create a monthly mood board. It's a great way to flex my creative muscles outside of the digital landscape.

Share a takeaway.

My dad likes to say, "the world is full of yes." While it may not always seem that way in reality, embracing these words has reshaped my perspective in a more positive direction. Hope keeps us moving forward.

Rachel Schwartzmann is a creative entrepreneur and storyteller based in NYC.
Learn more about her work here and follow her company’s exciting endeavors on social @thestyleline @connecteditorial #slowstoriespodcast.

P.S.  The pieces in our stories are always authentically picked.  When purchased, we sometimes receive compensation in return.  Thank you for supporting!

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