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Size Chart

Measurements are in inches and refer to body size, not garment measurements.

Size 00
Bust 32.5
Waist 25
Hip 35
Size 22
Bust 33.5
Waist 26
Hip 36
Size 44
Bust 34.5
Waist 27
Hip 37
Size 66
Bust 35.5
Waist 28
Hip 38
Size 88
Bust 36.5
Waist 29
Hip 39
Size 1010
Bust 37.5
Waist 30
Hip 40

Measurement Tips


Bring arms to your sides, place tape measure under your arms
and run it around the fullest part of the bustline.


Locate the natural crease of your waist by bending to one side. Loop the tape measure around
your natural waistline, keeping one finger between the tape and your body for an easy fit.


Place feet together, loop the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips,
approximately 7 inches below your waistline.

Small Beautiful Things

Inspiring Winter Rest

Despite what our culture communicates, the natural world shows us that winter is for rest. There are examples of this all around you. Trees shed their leaves to reduce functionality when it gets cold and dark. This intelligent practice shuts down growth in order for the tree to survive until Spring. 

These four authors will inspire you to rest this season. 




For some, there may be a kind of engineer’s satisfaction in the streamlining and networking of our entire lived experience. And yet a certain nervous feeling, of being overstimulated and unable to sustain a train of thought, lingers. Though it can be hard to grasp before it disappears behind the screen of distraction, this feeling is in fact urgent.

How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell




Rest is so much more than laying down. For the wounded, it is refuge to heal. For the grieving, it is sanctuary to remember. For the warrior, it is an altar to sharpen her sword against.

Pause, Rest, Be by Octavia Raheem




Doing those deeply unfashionable things - slowing down, letting your spare time expand, getting enough sleep, resting - is a radical act now, but it is essential. This is a crossroads we all know, a moment when you need to shed a skin. If you do, you'll expose all those painful nerve endings and feel so raw that you'll need to take care of yourself for a while. If you don't, then that skin will harden around you. It's one of the most important choices you'll ever make.

Wintering by Katherine May




There is synergy, interconnectedness, and deep communal healing within our rest movement. I believe rest, sleep, naps, daydreaming, and slowing down can help us all wake up to see the truth of ourselves. Rest is a healing portal to our deepest selves. Rest is care. Rest is radical.

Rest Is Resistance by Tricia Hersey

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